Finely crafted wooden toys from recycled wood.


Simple toys made from natural materials are the best inspiration for young imaginations.

Our children always created toy "masterpieces" out of the scrap wood at our canoe shop. We have so much wood scrap, we use it as kindling in the winter - we supply our neighbors, too!

We wanted to do something that would give other children as much joy as these toys have given us. At the same time, we wanted to help preserve our natural resources. So...we designed these wooden toys from out "recycled" wood.

All the wood is high quality hard wood and all the finish on all of our toys is all non-toxic and earth friendly.

We hope your children and grandchildren enjoy these wood toys as much as our kids enjoy them!


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All of our wood toys are made with recycled wood. We use non-toxic, kid friendly finish for all of our wooden toys.